Thu Apr 08 2021 - meta

Article Ideas

New site, new ideas. I hope to start blogging at least weekly, if not bi-weekly, about web development and computer science. I can also throw in some personal projects.

Brainstorming topics:

  • What features should a personal blog have? Why not just use WordPress? (🤮)
  • Bitcoin is bad for the environment (this could be a spicy one)
  • Archiving Yahoo Answers (before it's taken down)
  • Will AI replace software developers?
  • Staying productive as a coder with ADHD and mood disorders
  • CI/CD with Azure DevOps
  • Deconstruction of NomadBay, a website I made as a companion to the game Last Oasis

Of course, I will also try to write up solutions I find using Javascript, Node, C#, Vue, SQL Server, and .NET during my day job.

Until the next one! Keanu approves again